First, the dogs…


This is Maxx. We adopted Maxx in 2006 as a puppy from a local rescue. Maxx’s Mom was a Blue Heeler and his Dad was unknown. He is an active, sweet dog who has retained much of his puppy-ness. Well trained in many ways, he does have some issues that we continue to work on. Which leads us to..


Minnie! She is Maxx’s sister that we adopted last year after her original owner returned her to the rescue after 6 years. They former owners said they had a small child that harassed her. We don’t really know what happened but based on what the rescue told us, I think they didn’t have time for her anymore after their second child came. I also think they kept her separated from the family rather than training her how to behave around the kids, or teaching the children how to treat her properly. I don’t know how anyone could return her after that long. She is a sweetheart. She is much calmer than Maxx but not as well-trained. We are working on that.

Oh, and they don’t get along.

More on that to come..