Garden Gnomes & Beer!

Today it was time for a Springtime craft project so I spent the afternoon with a few of my girlfriends painting garden gnomes. Such fun! Plain white pottery gnomes can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. We had lots of fun sitting outside, having a beer or two and enjoying the slightly cool but still 60+ degree weather.


I forgot to take a picture before we started but here he is with only face, hands and hat painted. We painted these with acrylic paint and then sprayed them with a pottery sealant when we were done.


I think they turned out great- mine is the one on the left.


We put the gnomes on sticks while they were being sprayed with sealant – they actually look pretty cute like that!

As for the drink, we had Phantom Canyon Continuum Belgian Style White Ale. Delicious! If you are ever in Colorado Springs be sure to stop in and try a few of their beers.

The Continuum Ale is a special release beer and 25% of the sales will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation and Trails and Open Space Coalition. Great causes and a great beer.


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